ZERO to AIRLINE PILOT in 2 years

25-year-old Iulian Mavru from Romania went from zero to airline pilot in 2 years.

Iulian graduated from Quality Fly’s ATP Integrated Program and is now flying as a First Officer for Wizz Air, while remaining a ground instructor for ATPL Theory.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with him to talk about his experience as a student at the school and how the training prepared him to get the job in an airline.

Why did you decide to study in Madrid?

Most importantly, the weather. There are nearly 300 days a year of sun, where you can take the plane, fly, and learn some skills. Of course, the other very good reason, especially for young people, will be the life here. We’re talking about a major capital city, nearly 4 million people living here, a lot of different atmospheres, a lot of places to discover restaurants and nice places to go.

Why did you choose Quality Fly?

The price, but also very importantly the course itself. Quality Fly has some very nice features like gliding. There is also the APS MCC which, at least in my case, was a big factor. I would say it was key to me getting into an airline.

APS MCC in Airbus A320 FFS. Cited as a key factor in obtaining an airline job by many Quality Fly Graduates.
APS MCC in Airbus A320 FFS. Cited as a key factor in obtaining an airline job by many Quality Fly Graduates.

How were the ground classes?

Awesome! We had nice teachers. We are talking about experts.

For example, our Air Law instructors were qualified lawyers who at the same time were airline pilots. As a result, they could take and mix both worlds. They had the experience of an airline and have the reapplication of the real laws. The classes were something else. Just next level.

And the flight training?

There are two key points. Good, experienced instructors and a really nice fleet. We’re talking about a Tecnam fleet full of brand-new equipment, glass cockpits, that give you the atmosphere of an airline. The instructors are also always looking to give you the feedback that they had in the airline so that the transition was as smooth as possible.

What do you miss about Madrid and Quality Fly?

The one thing I miss is the tortilla de patatas (Spanish Omelette). That’s the first thing! (Laughs)

But seriously, I would say the atmosphere here with both the colleagues and instructors, it was just a lovely place to come to. You wake up in the morning and you want to come here just to meet them all again.

How long did it take you to get an airline job?

The time from zero to getting the licence was around two years. It went quite smoothly, with even enough time to enjoy Madrid.

Then from obtaining the licence to getting a job in an airline was around a year. During that year I was enjoying the time as a Flight and Theoretical instructor and getting and transmitting the knowledge I had.

How difficult was it to get a job in an airline?

Quite tough. However, Quality Fly gave me the experience and gave me the key points to get it, especially the APS MC. it was the key point in get a job in an airline.

Being a flight instructor also helped me a lot in becoming a better pilot, especially when I had to learn all the procedures, all the flying, all the skills and manage, reorganise everything to transmit that to the future path.

What is your favourite thing about being an airline pilot?

It’s going to sound like a cliche, but those office views are the best ones. The feeling of taking off, taking your coffee, and seeing the sunrise, that’s just out of this world.

And finally, your top tips for future pilots?

My top tips for future pilots are work hard, don’t get frustrated and definitely enjoy the process!

Here you can watch the full interview with Iulian on our YouTube channel:

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