Why Quality Fly Aviation Academy?

The Best Choice For Your Investment

The right education is not an expense, it is a lifetime investment. It prepares you for a fulfilling career with potential for a higher income, and it sets the path for the rest of your life. Once the degree is obtained, there are no second chances, so making the right investment is crucial.

With this in mind, QUALITY FLY offers:

  • A competitive price 30% lower than competitors
  • High quality preparation
  • Our shortest-program philosophy allows you to complete your training in as little as 12 months.

The combination of these factors makes QUALITY FLY the best choice for your investment.

12 & 18 Month Courses

QUALITY FLY offers two ATP integrated training options:

  • A 12 month course, with theory and flight in parallel, targeted at students with a good base of mathematics and physics, and top capabilities and motivation.
  • An 18 month course, commencing with theoretical and followed by flight training recommended for students who need to build their math foundation.

End-To-End Coaching

At QUALITY FLY, we have a motto – your success is our success.

Because the path from first opening your book to facing the professional airline industry is long and arduous, we closely follow and coach each of our students starting from the first day of school to the final preparations for securing employment.

Our instructors track student progress continuously through regular exchanges and one-on-one coaching, and share their experience, advice, accompanying the student through his/her journey.

Prior to course completion, career advice sessions are offered, including CV and LinkedIn profile preparation, career choice analysis, networking, interview coaching and organization of mock interview sessions, and simulator assessment preparation.

Airline-Focused Training

At QUALITY FLY, we expect a high level of commitment from our students from day one. There is no better way to be prepared for today’s competitive airline industry than being required to achieve the same standard as that demanded by current major airlines.

It’s not just about obtaining a pilot’s license, it’s about becoming an exceptional pilot.

Housing Solutions

Acquiring the necessary extensive knowledge and skills to become a pilot is enough of a challenge on its own. QUALITY FLY offers housing solutions so you can focus on this endeavor, and avoid the hassle of searching, funding, and equipping your temporary residence. The housing solutions include:

  • Optimal location with no car needed and a 30 minute maximum distance to the airport, and proximity to a Metro station with access to the city center.
  • Competitive prices, around 30% less than other European residences.
  • All utilities included – internet, electricity and water.
  • One month deposit, instead of the three months required by agencies.
  • Fully equipped with amenities.

Pricing, Payment & Financing

Our prices are than 30% less than our competitors and we offer progressive payment and financing options make Quality Fly one of the most affordable aviation academies on the market.

Instructor Job Opportunities

QUALITY FLY is a growing organisation, striving to maintain a team of highly motivated and top quality instructors.  Our student selection process bears this in mind, so as well as preparing future airline pilots, we also consider our students as potential future flight instructors eligible to work at QUALITY FLY.

QUALITY FLY offers instructor courses together with a contract of employment for a predefined period. The program is geared with priority towards students enrolled in our 12 month training program, although students in the 18 month program may also be considered eligible.

Global Environment

QUALITY FLY is a global flying academy, founded in the UK, but based in Madrid due to the optimal conditions, moderate cost of living, and multicultural environment. As a globally focused flight academy, QUALITY FLY is proud to host an international student base of more than 15 different nationalities.

Our Values

At QUALITY FLY, our values are just as important as our knowledge and skills. Honesty and trust, effort and discipline, proximity and support, structure and flexibility are the values which we stand for as an organisation.

Quality Fly in Numbers

First-time Examination Pass Rate on Theoretical Training
QF promotes diversity as as one of its fundamental values.
Airline Experience accrued by the QF Team
First-time Examination Pass Rate on Flight Training
Our high customer satisfaction is directly linked to the successful first-time examination pass on official EASA exams both on theoretical and flight training. To achieve these great results, QualityFly spares no expense or effort to select an outstanding team of specialized teachers per subject and flight instructors cumulating in more than 150.000 hours of flight experience.


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