Volotea Airlines Now Recruiting at Quality Fly Aviation School

Volotea Airlines A319

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce a strengthened collaboration framework between Quality Fly and Volotea Airlines.

Next 13th September, Volotea will run their admission interviews and simulator assessments at Quality Fly’s facilities.

Volotea will also offer a presentation about their fast-growing airline to the current Quality Fly students.

While the deadline for applications is not closed, around 12 cadets have been preselected for the assessment process.

Due to Volotea’s demanding admission process and their high level of knowledge required, Quality Fly has recommended candidates from our integrated ATPL course. Nonetheless, applications are also open to our modular MCC students.

At QualityFly, we are very proud of this collaboration, particularly since Volotea is an airline offering exceptional career opportunities:

  • It is one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe, with 36 aircraft after commencing operations in 2012.
  • It has proven excellent operational performance, being the most punctual low cost airline in the 1st quarter of 2019 according FlightStats.com.
  • Together with some remaining Boing B717, Volotea operates mainly the Airbus A319 (A320 family), permitting pilots to gain experience in one of the most popular narrow body commercial aircraft worldwide.
  • It offers the possibility of gaining experience quickly, up to 800 flying hours per year and under world-class operational and safety standard operating procedures.
  • And very fast-paced career progression opportunities.

Good luck to all candidates who will be taking part in Voloteas’ interviews and assessments at Quality Fly.

After all your hard work and good preparation, now it is about enjoying and showing your best capabilities.

Best regards,

The Quality Fly team