Quality Fly’s Fleet Grows 37% in 2023

Quality Fly’s fleet grows 37% in 2023 with the addition of a second Tecnam P2006 MEP, following the two P2008 SEP aircraft already added earlier in the year.


Quality fly already boasts the most complete and innovative EASA ATPL Integrated course featuring all the latest innovations, and their 2023 growth has seen them rapidly expand their fleet by a massive 37% to 11 aircraft in order to maintain the highest quality of airline pilot training.


After the arrival of their 4th and 5th P2008 single engine aircraft earlier in 2023, this month sees them welcome their second multi engine Tecnam P2006. And the expansion doesn’t stop there, with more aircraft arrivals planned in 2024 in order to respond to the growing number of inscriptions in the school.

Tecnam aircraft constitute an impressive 10 out of Quality Fly’s 11-strong fleet, including 3 P2002JF, 5 P2008JC, and 2 Tecnam P2006T models. The remaining aircraft, a Cessna 172S, primarily serves for UPRT training purposes.


But what sets Tecnam apart in Quality Fly’s eyes?

Firstly, Tecnam has established itself as the gold standard for flight schools, and is renowned for its exceptional efficiency. This translates to lower operational costs and better sustainability, enabling Quality Fly to maintain its proud status as a carbon-neutral flight school.

The inclusion of glass cockpits ensures unmatched visibility for cadet pilots. This enables them to seamlessly transition between high-wing and low-wing aircraft.

Quality Fly’s fleet are nearly all Tecnam aircraft, meaning fleet standardisation. Why is this important? It means greater ease in learning for students, which in turn keeps costs down, a saving that can be passed onto the client.

Quality Fly’s new Tecnam P2006 comes with factory-installed Traffic Advisory System, with ongoing installation across the rest of the fleet. Additionally, all aircraft come equipped with a Garmin terrain detector and accelerometer.

With the eagerly anticipated arrival more aircraft to their fleet in 2024, this is an exhilarating moment to be part of Quality Fly and its groundbreaking ATPL Integrated Pilot Training program.