Quality Fly goes live with FlightLogger

Quality Fly announces the full integration of FlightLogger, the most innovative digital platform for flight training management, and is now ready to launch the renovated 2022 ATPL course.

This improvement is the culmination of a process to implement the most innovative and complete ATPL course, including elements such as APS MCC with A320 Full Flight Simulator, gliding training, night flights in a Multi Engine, Unlimited Access to Controlled Training simulator, online campus and digitalization of flight preparation, among others.

About Quality Fly – an international and innovative training atmosphere

Quality Fly is a flight academy based in Cuatro-Vientos airport, Madrid. The academy boasts a highly international profile with all classes taught in English and a student base of more than 35 different nationalities. At the very heart of their training offer is possibly Europe’s most innovative ATPL integrated program, which meets the latest and future EASA requirements and includes 40 hours in A320 full flight simulator level D, night flights in MEP, gliding training sessions or career advice. All to ensure the highest level of competency to fly as a First Officer in the most demanding airlines around the world and prepare the students for real-life circumstances. The commitment of Quality Fly to digital processes and effective systems allows the school to maintain its very competitive price for the 2022 ATPL course.

About Flight Logger

Working with more than 135 flight training organizations in 44 countries, FlightLogger is known as the most innovative digital platform for flight training management. Ease of use, great support, and an impressive feature set, tailored for flight training operations make the Danish software stand out from other solutions.

Fully mobile integrated, Flight Logger brings flight academies and students live access to a full overview of Student Pilot progress, including lessons completed or pending, best grade per manoeuvre, Training Manual, the possibility of loading documents such as the flight plan or Mass & Balance per programmed flight, full synchronisation with Google calendar, Apple or Outlook and Integrated SMS.

Improving the quality of training, the main reason for changing to FlightLogger

All in all, you can say that Quality Fly does not compromise when it comes to living up to its name. This commitment is essentially the reason why they recently decided to change to FlightLogger’s flight training management platform.

Quality is in our DNA, our company name and within everything we do here at Quality Fly. We constantly strive to improve the training of our students. Our team never stops looking for methods to ensure our operation runs safely and efficiently.” says Rubén Matesanz, partner & co-founder of Quality Fly. ”We are really happy to start our 2022 courses with a full digital integration pack, guaranteeing that all the knowledge, all the theory, the feedback and the flight management are at our students’ and instructors’ fingertips. We have invested so much in making our 2022 ATPL course the best in Europe, that we need to make sure we have the best technological partners for success. Flight Logger is that partner.”

As part of FlightLogger’s implementation service, FlightLogger CEO Kenneth Jeppesen had the pleasure of visiting Quality Fly in Madrid to train the staff and instructors in using their new FlightLogger platform. “It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know our new partner and see how well our platform fits into their already well-run operation”, says Kenneth Jeppesen.