Quality Fly Further Bolsters Fleet to Meet 30% Expected Growth in 2024

tecnam p2008

Quality Fly has announced the pending arrival of 4 more brand-new Tecnam P2008 aircraft in order to meet an expected 30% growth in 2024, following the addition of a second Tecnam P2006 MEP and two P2008 SEP aircraft in 2023.

The success of Quality Fly’s EASA ATPL Integrated course, featuring all the latest innovations in airline pilot training, has propelled rapid growth for the Madrid-based flight school.


Controlled Growth


In 2024, the school is poised for further expansion with an expected growth of 30%. This is lower than the increase in applications, but a growth the school considers can be achieved in a controlled manner.

The acquisition of 4 new aircraft on top of the current 11, is a strategic move to accommodate the growth. Consequently, the order for these aircraft was made months ago, driven by high demand and extended waiting times for Tecnam deliveries.

Delivery for the first two are expected in February 2024, with the second two arriving in June.

Juan Cervero, Managing Director at Quality Fly, emphasises the importance of maintaining a high standard:

“The organisation is steadfast in its commitment to the highest quality, ensuring the industry best practice of 1 aircraft for each 6-7 students.

While weather can bring periods of limited flying frequency, such ratio ensures operational continuity in the mid and long term.

In 2023, 65 students commenced the integrated program, with an 11-aircraft fleet. Whereas, looking ahead to 2024, 80 places are open, with the fleet increasing to 15 aircraft through the year.”


Commitment to Safety


The 4 new aircraft are all equipped with Traffic Advisory Systems (FLARM technology), therefore ensuring the highest safety standards.

This seamlessly integrates with the existing fleet, which already incorporates such systems.

David Barril, Safety Manager at Quality Fly, shares his perspective:

“Our belief is that solutions and technology that are common in commercial airlines will progressively arrive to general aviation aircraft, and the Traffic Advisory System is just one example. We anticipate regulators will mandate TAS for all aircraft over the next years.

“Sooner rather than later, Traffic Advisory System will be a prerequisite and a crucial factor for candidates in selecting the right flight school. Just as glass cockpits or APS MCC has become a necessary feature over the years.”


About Quality Fly


Quality Fly is a flight academy based in Cuatro-Vientos airport, Madrid.

The academy boasts a highly international profile with all classes taught in English and a student base of more than 35 different nationalities.

At the very heart of their training offer is possibly Europe’s most innovative ATPL integrated program, which meets the latest and future EASA requirements and includes 40 hours in A320 full flight simulator level D, night flights in MEP, gliding training sessions and career advice. All to ensure the highest level of competency to fly as First Officer in the most demanding airlines around the world and prepare the students for real life circumstances.

The commitment of Quality Fly to digital processes and effective systems allows the school to maintain its very competitive price for the 2024 ATPL course.