Exceptional academic results

EASA ATPL Theory exams pass rate in Quality Fly
  • Are you a skilled and determined individual ready to work hard to follow your dreams?
  • Are you eager to join a group of motivated colleagues from all over the globe to learn and enjoy while giving the best of you?
  • Do you want to demonstrate your capability and to achieve the results to stand out of the crowd and increase your chances to find your dream job?

If this describes you: Quality Fly’s Integrated ATPL Programme is your course.

We share the same passion for effort, hard work and performance.

We are extremely proud to share the exceptional results achieved by our students in the EASA official exams since start of year:

A 87% average examination score in the EASA official exams since in 2019 to date.

The official EASA exams allow a student 4 attempts to pass an exam. Our results so far this year show that only 1 in 10 exams need to be retaken which gives students a huge advantage in passing the theory side of the Intergrated ATPL.

Additionally, this statistics make an important difference in the student records and make a big impression on potential employers.

According to Amir Klai, our Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor:

“There is not one single factor explaining these results, but I could define three important ingredients: a) A team of highly knowledgable and experienced instructors, including a lawyer and pilot for air-law, a doctor and pilot for human factors, an engineer and pilot for aircraft general systems. b) The motivation behind our team of instructors who push our students to achieve their goals understanding that their success is our success. c) A mindset in which the idea of giving up does not exist and that there is always a way to achieve your dream.”

Another interesting insight from one of our students, Christopher Normandale, is:

“The overall motivation, skill level and collaborational spirit amongst students is high. You can really see that the admission process is performed meticulously and that the average level of enthusiasm and student ability is above average! These make for dynamic classes with in-depth interaction and discussion as well as a home-from-home, sociable environment in the study room; students mixing from a variety of different backgrounds, sharing studying tips and insight from their personal learning experiences.”

This is a very important result according to the CEO Juan Cervero, as:

“not only is Quality Fly happy to achieve these results, but having outstanding degrees is critical to the probability of our students standing out of the crowd and landing the job of their dreams. As that is our main goal, all progress in that direction makes all the team at Quality Fly exceptionally proud.”

Congratulations to the whole the instruction team and all students for such exceptional results!!