New Tecnam P2006 and Complete Fleet Overhaul

ME Tecnam P2006

We are more than delighted to share some very important news: the important milestone of the arrival of the new multi-engine aircraft Tecnam P2006.

With this new incorporation, Quality Fly finishes the complete overhaul of its fleet!!

Indeed, Quality Fly now has a completely modern fleet with most aircraft younger than 5 years.

The new fleet is composed mainly of the following aircrafts:

  • 3 x Tecnam P2002 JF for Single Engine Piston Visual Flight Rules, with glass cockpit Garmin G650.
  • 3 x Cessna C172 SP for Single Engine Piston Instrumental Flight Rules, with Garmin GPS.
  • 1 x Tecnam P2006 for Multi Engine Visual and Instrumental flights, with glass cockpit Garmin G950.
  • In the near future, our VFR fleet will incorporate the brand new Tecnam P2008, with tactile glass cockpit G3X .
Quality Fly Fleet

The old fleet has already started to be phased out, and this process is expected to be completed rather soon.

With this fleet, Quality Fly achieves the series of objectives which were defined not such a long time ago:

  • Highest safety standards, due to the combination of very new aircraft and best official maintenance partners.
  • Standardized fleet with one type of aircraft for each type of flight phase.
  • Newest technology glass cockpit aircrafts in Tecnam models, yet with the possibility practice with analogue instruments as well in the C172.
  • Highly efficient in consumption and environmentally respectful with the modern and efficient engines of the Tecnam fleet, allowing for an economical course yet with higher quality standards.
  • Highly reliable fleet to ensure the maximum time of usage throughout the year.
ME Tecnam P2006 Cockpit

Tecnam P2006 Cockpit

New MEP/IR Aircraft at Quality Fly Aviation School

We are extremely proud of this fleet available to our students, to make sure they can complete their studies with all guarantees and the highest quality of learning.

Yet, even with the introduction of our state of the art fleet, we are confident that our most outstanding assets lie in the enthusiam, knowledge, skill and commitment of our team.

New Tecnam P2006 Quality Fly


MEP/IR Instructors at Qualitly Fly Aviation School

Experience it with us!