Adding Two New P2008JC-MKII to Quality Fly’s fleet

Cessna P2008

We are very glad to announce that our two new state-of-the art P2008JC-MKII have been delivered from the Tecnam factory.

Our Flight Instructors team conducted the ferry flights from Capua (Italy) to Spain over the last few days. The incredible journey can be seen in pictures below or on our instagram page.

The incorporation of these two brand new Tecnam P2008JC-MKII allows the school to offer a state-of-the-art fleet in terms of size, quality of training, safety and sustainability.
  • Fleet size: The school continues to accomplish its commitment to ensure the optimal aircraft-student ratio to accommodate without any delay to the growing number of students.
  • Quality of training: The Tecnam P2008JC-MKII are state of the art aircraft quickly gaining prevalence in the most renowned aviation academies. These aircraft have the latest generation touchscreen glass cockpit, allowing the highest level of preparation training to today’s airlines more digitalized cockpit environment.
  • Safety: A new and modern fleet, together in the partnership with the best official maintenance providers guarantee the highest safety to which Quality Fly is committed.
  • Sustainability: With the very efficient Rotax motors and usage of lighter materials, the Tecnam P2008 allows reduction of about 30% of pollutants emitted vs previous generation aircraft.

We are really proud to continue delivering excellent aviation training to passionate, skilled and hard-working indivduals.

All the Quality Fly Team