New Online ATPL Integrated Programme featuring live video conferencing

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Quality Fly launches a new Online ATPL Integrated Programme option featuring live video conferencing for theoretical knowledge syllabus.

Quality Fly is proud of driving innovation forward and being one of the very first aviation academies in Europe that have been approved to deliver its ATPL theoretical knowledge syllabus using live video-conferencing technology within an Online ATPL Integrated Programme.

Who is it aimed at

Staying true to our commitment to remove barriers and to ensure that high-quality aviation training is available to more and more talented individuals who dream of becoming pilots, we are very excited to have set up this new training option that will definitely increase access opportunities to ATPL Integrated training for those students:

  • who may need to continue part-time working while completing their studies; and
  • who need to cut down housing expenses during the course period.

Specific features and Requirements

This new Live Distance Training option sticks to the very same structure, total hours, syllabus and learning experience as our onsite training option, except for the fact of using a virtual classroom instead of physical one for Theoretical Knowledge Training purposes.

An excellent internet connection is essential and the use of a webcam is mandatory 100% of the time, meaning, for the entire duration of each video-conferencing session.

Ensuring a dynamic classroom experience is key and this is achieved by increasing continuous instructor-student interactions, e.g., using features like feedback and question/answer shuffling to engage our students or assessment checkpoints for greater meaning and relevance.

Proven effectiveness

Quality Fly swiftly launched this Live Distance Training possibility to support its students during the COVID19 lockdown. The excellent results achieved by our students, having maintained the very same progress as in the in-person sessions, have demonstrated the effectiveness of live video conferencing training.

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