PPL – Private Pilot Licence


PRIVATE PILOT LICENCE (PPL) – The aim of the EASA approved Private Pilot training program is to train pilots with no necessary prior experience to enabling you to autonomously pilot an aircraft.

At QUALITY FLY, PPL Programs start every two months, thus we have new intakes every January, March, May, July, September and November.

Upon course completion the licensed pilot will hold an EASA Private Pilot Licence PPL, including a Single Engine Piston Class Rating.
Following the obtention of the PPL, the training as pilot can be continuee including the ATPL theory and the rest of courses as UPRT, NVFR, ME IR, CPL and MCC until acquisition of the ATPL modular licence.



  • Highlights

    • High levels of standardization and exigence, with airline focus rather that aeroclub leisure approach.
    • All English training with specialised instructors per subject.
    • Practice of the widest variety of situations, including all cases you’ll need to be prepared for your future autonomos flight.
    • Performed in new generation Glass cockpit Single Engine Piston aircraft Tecnam P2002 or P2008.
    • Highly experienced instructors.

  • 45 Flight Hours

    • 40 flight hours in SEP VFR new generation glass-cockpit aircraft
    • 5 hours in FNPT II certified simulator
  • Over 120 Theoretical Knowledge Hours

    Over 120 hours theoretical training over first two months, with possibility live online theory training


Price & installment

Standalone: €9,450*

* PPL booked in a standalone manner is considered leisure training. Therefore, a 21% Value-Added Tax (VAT) applies.

Licence Request and Licence Issuance Taxes included.

Examiner fee (200 €) not included.


With ATPL Theory: €8,450**

**When booked together, PPL+ATPL qualifies for professional training, and is therefore free of tax. Combined price is €8,450 (PPL) + €4,450 (ATPL Theory) = €12,900.

Licence Request and Licence Issuance Taxes included.

Examiner fee (200 €) not included.



Highly competitive price
Concentrated training, 7 days a week
Optional Housing Service starting at 500 Eur/month


Standard pre-requisites:

  • English language equivalent to ICAO Level 4
  • Hold a current EASA Class 2 Medical Certificate
  • Be at least 17 years old
  • High School certificate. Bachelor’s and Master’s degree are not required but will be valued as they also will be by airline companies. Exceptions may apply, but an additional exam is required.


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