PBN – Performance Based Navigation


The Performance Based Navigation (PBN) course is designed to provide pilots with the required theoretical knowledge to fly GNSS approaches safely. Before starting an RNAV (GPS/GNSS) approach or LPV approach the pilot must be qualified to fly RNAV1 (P-RNAV) arrivals and departures in accordance with OM-D in addition to flying overlay approaches.


  • Theoretical Knowledge (10h)

    • 8h Performance Based Navigation
    • 2h Technical Training Covering the Navigation System installed in the SFTD

    Flight Training (2h)

    • 2h ELITE S923 FNTP II MCC Simulator Twin Engine Turboprop
    • All four approaches included in the course and in your licence: LNAV-VNAV, LNAV, LPV and LP

Price & installment


€500 until end of April

Licence Request and Licence Issuance Taxes included.

Examiner fee (150 Eur) not included.

Competitive prices

Booking in advance 1 month prior to course start


Standard pre-requisites:

  • Hold an IR rating without PBN privileges
  • Be enroled in the ATP or IR course


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