Multi Crew Cooperation Course Instructor (MCCI)


The holder of a Multi Crew Cooperation (MCCI) certificate can conduct instruction to aspiring pilots on FNPT II MCC and FTD 2/3 simulator.

The privileges may be extended to other FSTDs representing additional types of aircrafts when the holder has completed the practical training of the MCCI course on the applicable FNPT II/III MCC, FTD 2/3 or FFS training.


  • 3 Flight Hours

    3 MCC Hours – Multi Crew Coordination FNTP II PBN certified Aircraft B200

  • 30 Theoretical Hours

    Tailored ATPL Theoretical Ground School Syllabus

    Enrichment training

Price & installment


Competitive prices
Pay as you go in monthly installments
Custom bank financing from €650 per month


Excellent input plus excellent process: only one possibility; the best output.
Indeed, the best pilots can only be obtained with the best training methodology and instructors, and the best input: high-potential and highly motivated students.


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