Instrument Rating (IR)


The purpose of the EASA Instrument Rating-IR(A) modular course is to obtain an instrument rating-IR(A) endorsement towards your license. You will be trained to demonstrate your ability to perform the procedures and maneuvers according to the IFR instrument flying rules for SEP or MEP class airplanes.


  • 56 Flight Hours

    21 hours MEP –  Multi Engine Piston Aircraft Training under visual and instrumental rules

    15 hours SEP IFR – Single Engine Piston Aircraft Training under instrumental rules
    20 hours Simulator – ELITE FNTP II PBN
  • 8 Theoretical Hours

    Tailored Theoretical Ground School Syllabus

    Enrichment training

Price & installment

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Excellent input plus excellent process: only one possibility; the best output.
Indeed, the best pilots can only be obtained with the best training methodology and instructors, and the best input: high-potential and highly motivated students.


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