ICAO-EASA Conversion for ICAO ATPL Holders


The objective of this course is to convert an ICAO commercial flight crew license to an EASA compliant license, allowing the holder to operate commercial aeroplanes in all EASA Member States

Upon completion of the course the licensed pilot will hold an EASA Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) and would be able to operate in any of the 31 EASA Member States, expanding their job opportunities.



ICAO to EASA Licence Conversion Course for ICAO ATPL Holders

  • Theoretical Training

    ATPL Theoretical Training

    • 650 h (*) ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Training – Tailored syllabus
    • Best Digital Training Material – Jeppesen ATPL digital library permanent licence
    • Digital Internal Exams – Own platform with +10,000 questions
    • Tuition time – Individual or small groups support sessions for learning enhancement
    • Tailored Program – Based on candidate’s experience and time sice passing APTL theory

    (*) Attendance not compulsory.


  • OPTIONAL 100% Live Distant Training

    • Our 100% online ICAO-EASA Conversion Course allows you to fully complete your ATPL Theoretical Training via live video-conferencing from your place of residence.
    • Unlike in traditional self-study CBT courses, you are not required to physically attend a few onsite ATPL classes, sparing you any unnecessary travel and living/hotel expenses until you are ready to attend your official exams.
    • You will only travel to Madrid to physically attend your official exams.
    • This new Live Distance Training option sticks to the very same structure, total hours, syllabus and learning experience as our onsite training option, except for the fact of using a virtual classroom instead of physical one for Theoretical Knowledge Training purposes.
    • Attendance is not mandatory, but voluntary, depending on the difficulty of the topic and the preliminary knowledge of the student.

    Specific Features and Requirements

    • The program is tailored jointly with the candidate based on the previous experience, the amount of time elapsed since passing the ATPL theory and other constraints.
    • Tuition support sessions are offered for the topics requiring it.
    • Close follow-up is offered, and internal exams are done to ensure the officiel exams are successfully passed in the first attempt.
    • An excellent internet connection is essential and the use of a webcam is mandatory 100% of the time, meaning, for the entire duration of each video-conferencing session.
    • Ensuring a dynamic classroom experience is key and this is achieved by increasing continuous instructor-student interactions, e.g., using features like feedback and question/answer shuffling to engage our students or assessment checkpoints for greater meaning and relevance.
  • Included:

    • 650h ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Training – Tailored syllabus
    • Best Digital Training Material – Jeppesen ATPL digital library permanent licence
    • Digital Internal Exams – Own platform with +10,000 questions
    • Assessment for course personalization and planning, and progress follow-up
    • Tuition time – Up to 80h of individual or small group review
    • Official theory exams 1st attempt
    • Offical flight exams / skill test and examiner fee
    • English language proficiency test
    • Licence Request and Licence Issuance Taxes
  • Not included:

    EASA Medical Certificate (aprox. 550 Eur)

Price & installment

Total Conversion Course Price:

8,450€ (*)

(*) Price for pilots with Type Rating A320, B737 and ATR
For other type ratings, request for price.
Competitive prices


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1. Submit the following details by email to customer@qualityfly.com.

  • Copy of your valid passport
  • Copy of your valid medical certificate
  • Copy of the flight licence to be revalidated/renewed, clearly showing expiry dates.
  • Your availability dates.

2. We will match your availabily with the examiners’ and provide payment instructions for you to make your booking effective.


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