ICAO-EASA Conversion for PPL holders


ICAO-EASA CONVERSION COURSE. The objective of this course is to convert an ICAO Private Pilot Licence to an EASA compliant license.

Upon completion of the course the licensed pilot will hold an EASA Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and will be able to operate in any of the 31 EASA Member States.

ICAO to EASA Licence Conversion Course for PPL holders

  • ICAO-EASA Conversion Course Structure

    PPL Theoretical Training

    • 10h Human Performance and Limitations
    • 15h Air Law
    • Official exams and exams preparation included
    • Optional online theory with Live Distant Training

    Flight Training

    • 3h Visual Flight Rules training in glass cockpit Tecnam P2002
    • 1:15 skill test flight


    (*) Depending on the level and experience, additional hours might be needed.

  • Included:

    Official Taxes & Licence Issuance

    • Theoretical Knowledge Official Exam Taxes
    • Licence Request (included)
    • Licence Issuance Taxes: 186€ (included)
  • Non-included:

    EASA Medical Certificate Class II: 130€

    Extra Flight Hours (if needed): 180 Eur/h

    Total Examiner Fees: 200€



Price & installment

Total Conversion Course Price:



* PPL conversion booked in a standalone manner is considered leisure training. Therefore, a 21% Value-Added Tax (VAT) applies.

Licence Request and Licence Issuance Fees (186 Eur) are included.

Examiner Fees Not Included.


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Submit the following details by email to customer@qualityfly.com.

  • Copy of your valid passport
  • Copy of your valid medical certificate
  • Copy of the flight licence to be revalidated/renewed, clearly showing expiry dates.
  • Your availability dates.


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