FI-IRI Revalidation / Renewal


Our training program is designed to refresh and assess the instructor’s competence in accordance with the provisions of FCL.940.FI for revalidation and renewal of instructor certificates.

Quality Fly works with a specialized Team, using the most advanced techniques and cutting edge technology.




  • FI(A) Refresher Seminar

    Theoretical Interactive Training

    Duration: 2 days (3h each)


    • Learning Materials Development and Prep
    • Learning Environment
    • Curriculum Implementation
    • Threat & Error Management
    • Crew Resources Management
    • Time Management for Objectives Achievement
    • Assessment of Performance
    • Monitoring and Progress Review
    • Briefing

    * This training plan is specific for renewal cases. In case of revalidation -before expiry date- please contact us to examine the experience accrued within the last year.


  • 1h10 Assessment of Competence

    FI(A) 220€ (SEP VFR)

    IRI 320€ (SEP IFR)


    Depending on experience, prior flight training may be needed. Please contact us for current rates.

Price & installment

  • Competitive prices
  • Licence Request and Licence Issuance Taxes included.
  • Training & Verification costs to be paid upon enrolment.
  • FI(A) Aoc Examiner fees -not included- to be paid before flight: 200€
  • IRI / MEP Aoc Examiner fees -not included- to be paid before flight: 250€


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1. Submit the following details by email to

  • Copy of your valid passport
  • Copy of your valid medical certificate
  • Copy of the flight licence to be revalidated/renewed, clearly showing expiry dates.
  • Your availability dates.

2. We will match your availabily with the examiners’ and provide payment instructions for you to make your booking effective.


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