AIRLINE TRANSPORT PILOT (ATP) – The aim of the EASA approved integrated (ATP) First Officer/Co-Pilot training program is to train pilots with no or little flying experience to operate as an airline transport pilot on a commercial aircraft operating public transport (passengers or cargo).

Upon course completion the licensed pilot will hold an EASA Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) and a Frozen Airline Transport Pilot Licence (Frozen ATPL)


  • 205 Flight Hours

    130 Hours SEP –  Single Engine Piston Aircraft Training on VFR flights

    15 Hours MEP –  Multi Engine Piston Aircraft Training

    40 Hours SEP IFR – Single Engine Piston Aircraft Training
    20 Hours MCC – Multi Crew Coordination FNTP II PBN Certified Aircraft B200
  • 800 Theoretical Hours

    750 ATP Theoretical Hours –  Tailored Syllabus

    50 Hours Enrichment Training

    Paperless Training Material – iPad included

    Jeppesen and Bristol Exam Preparation – the leader in aviation exam preparation

  • 12 Month Course

    For highly motivated students with a preexisting foundation in mathematics and physics, this program features simultaneous theoretical and flight training.

     18 Month Programme

    For highly motivated students who do not have a background in mathematics and physics. Foundational theoretical training provides the framework for the flight training that follows.

Price & installment

€ 54.950 

(12 month course)

Competitive prices – Thanks to our low cost structure
Pay as you go – Progressive payment via monthly installments
Tailored bank finance – from 650€/month & up to 2 years Vesting


A demanding admission exam is critical in order to assess the candidate. This includes evaluating basic skills, psychometric skills, general knowledge, as well as personality and motivation. Not only is a candidate assessment required as per EASA regulations, but more importantly, it helps the candidate decide on whether a career as a pilot is actually a  good fit for them.

Standard pre-requisites:

  • English language equivalent to ICAO Level 4
  • Hold a current EASA Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree, which is also valued by airline companies. Exceptions may apply, but an additional exam is required.

The admission process includes:

  1. A curriculum vitae and a cover letter must be submitted to begin the process. If selected:
  2. An admissions interview with the head of training to determine the candidate’s commitment and for him/her to ask any remaining questions.
  3. A computer-based test to evaluate IQ (intelligent quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient) and a short interview with an aviation coach where you together jointly assess your readiness to pursue a career in aviation.

For non-native English speakers, the interview also serves as an assessment of the candidate’s English level.


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