APS MCC – Airline Pilot Standards Multi Crew Cooperation


The Airline Pilot Standards Multi Crew Cooperation course (APS MCC) is a new enhanced, extended and optimized training developed by EASA in order to ensure that future trainees are able to meet the common high standard requirements demanded and needed by airlines seeking to incorporate into their fleet young aspiring pilots.

Upon completion of this APS MCC Course:

  • Students obtain an APS MCC course competition certificate in accordance with AMC2 FCL.735.A.
  • Students who complete the APS MCC course but which in the unlikely or unfortunate event do not reach the standard required are still awarded with the MCC course completion certificate.


  • Course Structure and Duration

    Theoretical & Flight Training

    – 31 hours of theoretical ground training including CRM, Aircraft Systems and Standard Operating Procedures, advanced Swept Wing Jet airplane training and airline operations scenario.

    Flight training in FSTD Airbus A320

    • 20 hours of (standard) MCC flight training.
    • 12 hours Advanced Swept Wing Jet airplane training.
    • 6 hours Advanced airline operations scenario training.
    • 2 hours Final Assessment.

    – Duration: 15 days

  • Highlights of our APS MCC

    • 40 hours simulator flight training, double compared to a traditional MCC
    • Advanced FSTD that faithfully replicates the Airbus A320
    • Flight Instructors with a background in the airline industry
    • Additional specific training in key areas needed for airline assesments: Aircraft Systems knowledge and FMS use, Aeroplane Flight Path Management, Normal and Abnormal SOPs, Situational Awarness, Leadership and Team work.
    • Options can be
  • What is the difference between a conventional MCC/JOC and the APS MCC?

    • The APS MCC is a further improved course besides the traditional MCC including: knowledge of aircraft systems, advanced swept-wing jet training, advanced airline operation scenarios and a final assessment.
    • In order to fulfill with the above point the APS MCC includes real airline standard operating procedures (SOPs) and doubles the amount of simulator hours up to 40 (instead of 20h in a standard MCC).
    • All training is performed in an advanced swept wing jet FSTD.
    • The Jet Orientation Course JOC is not based in any EASA regulation and each training organization can offer it in different lengths and structures.
    • The APS MCC is a regulated EASA course seeked by airlines and demanded prior to accessing any assessment or interview.

Price & installment

€ 4,950 

  • Highly competitive price
  • Optional Housing Service starting at 450 €/month
  • Licence Request and Licence Issuance Taxes included.


Standard previous requirements:

  • Hold a valid EASA Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • ATPL Theory Course completed
  • Hold a valid ME/IR(A) and CPL(A)
  • Level of English knowledge equivalent to ICAO Level 4


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