Advanced Aviation English Course – Preparation for ICAO Level 6 Exam


Did you know that an excellent English level is considered as one of the most critical factors by airline recruiters? Do you want to achieve a level 6 in your ICAO exam? This is your chance.

At Quality Fly we offer a specific course in order to prepare for the exam, with specialised teachers in aviation English teaching. Designed for commercial pilots and air traffic controllers that want to study English, upgrade their level and meet the ICAO requirements for an advanced standard. It will also allow you to achieve the best English interview preparation.

The courses will run in small groups in order to have a more personalised learning experience and to guarantee that safety requirements are always met.

Course Structure and Pricing

  • Course Price & Schedule


    The course price includes:

    • Materials for the classes
    • Practice exams


    • Total Duration: 2 months (27 hours in total)
    • Weekly Sessions: 2 x 1h30 (3h/week)
  • Course Features


    Our Team is made up of highly experienced and motivated English teachers who are pilots and native English speakers, experts in aviation English teaching.


    Our Aviation English Course is offered in small groups, in order to ensure a more personalised learning experience and to guarantee that safety requirements are always met.


  • Course Contents

    • Parts of the aircraft
    • Airport- runways, taxiways etc.
    • Aviation professions
    • Weather
    • Geographical features
    • Phases of flight
    • Navigation
    • Power plant
    • Documents on board
    • Emergency equipment
    • Disease, illness and symptoms
    • Technical incidents

Price & installment

  • Competitive prices
  • Pay as you go


Free Initial Level Assessment!

  • Contact Robin now at +34 617 17 09 67.
  • We invite you to come in to see our facilities and meet our team. Don´t miss out on the opportunity to learn with the best professionals.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Minimum required level to follow the classes: B2 or higher.
  • No certificate required – we will evaluate your entry level for free.

Booking Procedure:

Upon acceptance, submit the following details by email to

  • Copy of your valid passport / ID card
  • Copy of the Booking form provided by Robin duly filled up and signed, in PDF format.
  • Your availability dates


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