Quality Fly at EATS2023

“Gliding is a Key Enabler in Improving Quality, Cost, and Sustainability of Pilot Training”

We are delighted to announce that our Head of Training, Sergio Gómez Brito, will be speaking at the ATO Conference at eats2023 in Cascais, Portugal on Thursday 9th November 2023

Sergio will be speaking in Session 5 – Sustainability, about the use of sailplane training in Integrated Programs, where he will expand on the following points:

  • How sailplane training offer a sustainable and effective approach to pilot training, with benefits recognized by the military and aviation authorities.
  • EASA allows modular pilots to credit 30 PIC hours in sailplanes (AMC 1 to Appendix 3). The same AMC allows integrated students to credit 20 dual hours in helicopters or TMGS, but not sailplanes. Applying the same logic, it seems only coherent that an ATPL integrated program should offer the possibility to include part of the training in sailplanes.
  • After asking about the interest of ATPL Integrated including Sailplane training, EASA have encouraged us to present a rulemaking proposal given the instructional and environmental potential of sailplane training that goes beyond a simple credit. Positive feedback also received from IAAPS (International Association of Aviation Personnel Schools) & RACE (Real Aeroclub de España).
  • Sailplanes provide superior manoeuvrability and wider flight envelope, making them ideal for demonstrating exercises in the new Basic UPRT, as well as cross-country flights.
  • How sailplane training develops all pilot competencies except FPA, enhancing the overall training experience and competency levels.

  • How safety is heightened with gliders’ operation in segregated airspace and the presence of advanced anticollision systems, surpassing training airplanes in this aspect.
  • How sailplanes are essentially solar aircraft, harnessing the sun’s energy in the form of uplifts, offering an eco-friendly training option with potential for further advancements in electric self-launchable sailplanes.
  • How adapting programs to seasonal variations maximizes the positive environmental impact, reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.
  • How by embracing sailplane training, ATOs can invest in emerging green technologies like electric airplanes, paving the way towards becoming “solar-training-ports.”

We are very excited to see Sergio speak and lend his expertise to all those attending what we are sure will be a wonderful event.

Gliding training is included in Quality Fly’s Integrated ATPL Programme. In the following video, Sergio explains why gliding makes you a better airline pilot.