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The Best Investment

We consider our ATPL course itself as the candidate’s lifetime investment.

Quality Fly offers the most innovative and complete training at a competitive price:

Not only does our training include the latest and future regulatory requirements as APS MCC, UPRT, CBT, TEM and KSA; but we offer you additional value as the only academy including FFS and Gliding training in its course.

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Airline-Focused Training

Our training is designed for candidates to achieve the highest standards expected in today’s most renowned airlines, which includes not only technical skills, but non technical skills training, included in a complete set of key competencies:

  • Upset prevention and recovery
  • Decision making and failure management
  • Threat and error management
  • Situational awareness training
  • Complacency awareness development
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Airline pilot
Your Flight School in Madrid · Best APTL Integrated & Shortest Duration

Shortest Duration

The sooner our candidates become holder of an Airline Transport Pilot License the sooner they will join an airline as a First Officer and thus, the earlier they will get return on their investment.

Quality Fly is one of the few organizations in Europe authorised by EASA for the 14-18 months ATPL course.

Optimal weather operations base, new and surplus fleet, straight-to-the-point syllabus and our well trained team: these are just some of the reasons to join our accelerated courses.

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International Environment

As a globally focused flight academy, with 100% of our classes taught in English, QUALITY FLY is proud to host an international student base of more than 35 different nationalities.

At QUALITY FLY, we believe in developing our students beyond technical training. Our international environment ensures the natural development of cultural awareness, which is an important advantage in the global aviation world, where the best opportunity may be located on the other side of the planet. It also results in lifelong friends and connections across the globe.

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international environment
Tecnam P2006 cockpit

state-of-the-art equipment

QUALITY FLY has one of the newest and most modern fleets in the EU, combining analogue GPS based configuration for solid flying instrument skills, with glass cockpits as Airline introduction. Our high level of fleet standardization provides students with a significant reduction of familiarization time during training.

For the simulator sessions our training is performed in the B200 FNPT II (turboprop), A320 simulator FNPT II (jet) and A320 FFS (jet).

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End-to-End Coaching

Because the path from first opening your book to facing the professional airline industry can be long and arduous, we closely follow and coach each of our students – starting from the first day of school to the final preparations for securing employment.

Our instructors track student progress continuously with regular meetings and one-on-one coaching to prevent any deviation from the expected performance path. This follow-up is completed by different career advice sessions. The above combination is providing our students with a great First-time examination pass rate and airline assessment success.

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Housing Solutions

As QUALITY FLY courses are intensive, we don’t want our students to waste any time managing housing arrangements. We offer integral solutions:

  • Convenient location with no car needed – 30 minutes to the airport and close
    proximity to a metro station with easy access to the city center.
  • Competitive prices – around 30% less than other European residences
  • All utilities included – internet, electricity, water and basic cleaning
  • One month deposit – instead of the three months required by agencies
  • Fully equipped – with all the amenities.
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Instructor Job Opportunities

QUALITY FLY is a growing organisation, dedicated to maintaining a team of highly motivated and top quality instructors. Our student selection process bears this in mind, so in addition to educating future airline pilots, we also consider our students as potential future flight instructors eligible to work at QUALITY FLY.

The position of a flight instructor is one of the best shuttles to land a job in an airline.

QUALITY FLY offers instructor courses together with a contract of employment.

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Quality Fly Aviation School
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Aeropuerto de Madrid-Cuatro Vientos
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