Educational Follow Up during Closure caused by Coronavirus


on the measures undertaken by Quality Fly Aviation School after the cancellation of in-person classes from 11th to 26th March, due to the coronavirus pandemic, in accordance with the Order 338/2020 dated 9th March by the Consejería de Salud and the Decision dated 10th March by the Consejería de Educación of Madrid Regional Government.


20 MAR


IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to enter your full name when you log in GoToMeeting before every class. We will use the lists of participants on GoToMeering sessions to keep record of your attendance.

18 MAR

  • Attendance to online classes

There is a high probability that EASA will accept online classes -online training taught live by a teacher via a software platform- as regular classes.

This is good news as it will prevent delays in the completion of your course and well as in the time period before your official exams, once you’ve completed the required amount of hours.

Attendance is mandatory. We will be keeping track of your attendance to inform EASA accordingly in the event of a formal request.

  • Tuition Time has been Doubled

Note that now you have twice as many time slots with an instructor to solve any of your doubts.

Booking is easy, just three clicks. And you can review from home.

Please share your feedback with us. If necessary, tuition time will be tripled.

  • Internal Exams Ready next Friday as per the usual schedule

Most of you have already completed some internal exams online.

Digitalisation of internal exams started a few weeks ago. The estimated deadline for the completion of this project was aproximately 3 months. We are about to halve that deadline and we expect that all subjects will be available.

You can therefore start taking internal exams and challenging yourself as early as next week.

  • Educational Follow Up

It is always beneficial to share and discuss our progress with an instructor/mentor.

In two-weeks time, we will launch our new educational follow-up procedure with a view to better support our students. It will include regular one-to-one video calls to review on your progress.


Getting Ready to Re-Start at Higher Capacity

The two new P2008 that arrived a two months ago plus our C172 are almost ready to fly.

We are reinforcing our team with two new IFR instructors, one of them available full-time and another part-time, as soon as the quarantine/flying ban is lifted.

And last but not least, our current team of instructors is ready and eager to fly at a high pace.

15 MAR

  1. Check the schedule, day and hour in Flight Schedule Pro as usual.
  2. Log in the GotoMeeting platform.
  3. Check your eMail account. You should have received a link to join the online GotoMeeting classroom. Click on that link.
  4. Click on “Join the meeting in the browser´´
    Note: If you want to use your iPad to join the class, click on the link and you will be redirected to the Appstore to download the app. Once the app is installed go to the next step.
  5. Enter your full name and allow the system to use your camera and microphone (please only unmute the microphone if you are going to talk)
  6. You´re now in the virtual classroom.

We are doubling the number of tuition sessions –Tuition time will be on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS from 9:00 to 12:00.

Book your 30 min tuition sessions.

Please use these time slots in the most efficient way:

  1. Study at home, make a listing of your doubts and have the list ready for the tuition session.
  2. If you are studying in small groups, share the same time slot with your study group. All explanations may be useful and beneficial for all of you.

The QualityFly Team has already loaded the question bank for most of the subjects and enrichment exams. We are working very hard to quickly upload the exam questions to the online platform, so that you can all challenge yourself making online exams and be ready for the officials as soon as they are open.

13 MAR


Temporary online classes

  • Online classes will start on Monday 16th, as previously reported, and they will last 2 hours -as it is proven than longer distance learning sessions are not efficient. As a result, you will have to put more effort in self-study.
  • Resolution of doubts: we will reinforce tuition time to ensure that you will have enough time to solve any doubts while studying remotely.

Internal exams 

  • Internal exams will continue and they will be similarly carried out online.
  • Please contact Marcos for further information on how to proceed.

Operations will remain on standby until the mandate is lifted.


We are preparing ourselves for flying at the highest capacity as soon as the ban is lifted. The planned re-start date is March 25th.

All current resources will be ready upon re-start. Additionally, the flight instructors team will be reinforced with two new IFR instructors, one of them working full-time and another one working part-time.

Specific measures such as flying with masks and gloves on will be considered with a view to restart operations as early as possible.


SENASA has recently notified that:

  • ATPL exams will continue under special hygienic measures, e.g. increasing the distance between computer stands and frequent disinfestation.
  • The period from today to March 25th will be not be taken in consideration as regards the 18-months limitation to complete all exams.
  • To students who have paid their examinamion taxes but prefer not to attend on the designated date: the taxes will be valid for the next sitting and, in this occation, a no-show will not count as an attempt either.

10 MAR

  • A) We will set up online sessions as from next Monday 16th March, once that we have our learning materials ready to ensure the high quality of our training. Sessions will be shorter -1 to 2 hours long- and they will include a mix of lecturing and resolution of doubts. We encourange you to make a strong effort in self-study to avoid any further delays. Details on the contents and connexion method will be sent before the end of this week.
  • B) Additional classes will be scheduled, including every Saturday in April and during the Easter season. We advise you not to plan for long holidays.

Activities are temporarily cancelled, while the school enquires the authorities on the full applicability of restrictions to flight activities. We will inform of the possibility to restart activities, if possible, as soon as we receive an official confirmation.