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The Best Integrated ATPL Course

What makes this programme the most innovative programme in Europe?

Our ATPL Integrated Programme has been designed in fulfilment with EASA’s current regulations and recommendations, but also seeking to exceed compliance with its regulatory requirements:

  • It meets all the latest and future EASA requirements, such as APS MCC, UPRT, CB, TEM and KSA.
  • Additionally, it has been enhanced with 40h A320 Full Flight Simulator Level D in the APS MCC and Gliding training sessions.
  • Night flight in MEP, and unlimited access to Practice Simulator.

The only ATPL Integrated Programme including FFS & Gliding Training

Transforming the aviation training industry requires being daring and disruptive. By adding these features to our ATPL Integrated Programme we are once more pioneering the industry, driven by our commitment to ensure that you achieve the highest level of competency to fly as First Officer in the most demanding airlines around the world.

Upon programme completion, you will parcitipate in a series of Career Advice sessions where you will gain valuable insights to prepare for an airline pilot interview and ensure that you land the job.

A320 FFS
A320 FFS

Full Flight Simulator Level D

The last phase in our ATPL Integrated Programme is dedicated to Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) training, the aim of which is to ensure that our pilot students will develop the skills required to work in a team environment. Since these skills are essential to achieve a smooth lan­ding in airline operation, our ATPL Integrated Programme has been enhanced by including 8 hours of APS MCC training in a real Full Flight Simulator Level D to create the most accurate learning environment. Apart from being a stunning experience:

  • Thanks to its superior level of certification you will learn more detailed and type-specific functions from experienced Type Rating Instructors -your next pilot job interview may be in a full-flight simulator, so fewer items are left to chance.
  • If you decide to start your A320 Type Rating, the 8 APS MCC hours completed in an FFS will translate into a 6-hour credit reduction in the Type Rating -a significant cost reduction.

Night Flight in MEP

Quality Fly is one of the few schools in Europe to include hours in a multi-engine aircraft during the Night Flight as part of the Integrated ATPL programme.

This has the double benefit of increased safety with an extra engine but also more hours in a multi-engine aircraft for your CV at the end of the course. Our Multi-Engine fleet consists of Tecnam P2006T aircraft with the latest Garmin glass cockpit technology.

Night flight in MEP

Controlled Training

The student has unlimited access to a practice simulator preloaded with scenarios based on all six phases of the ATPL program. Each scenario can be repeated until the student has attained the required proficiency. Both aircraft and flight controls are representative of those in the training fleet, but also the 737 and the A320.

This concept is called “controlled training”, and it is being introduced by airlines such as Ryanair as an extra tool to maintain and enhance pilot competencies.

Gliding Training

It is increasingly more and more com­mon that airlines add gliding sessions to their training structures with a view to improving handling skills and counteracting the automation effect.

Our ATPL Integrated Programme includes complimentary training consisting of three basic gliding flights plus theoretical knowledge sessions. This module will allow you to experience one of the purest forms of flying, allowing you to perfect your flying technique or even discover manoeuvres that will be practised later on during your advanced UPRT training.

At Quality Fly, you will enjoy learning -and airlines are known for recognizing this attitude towards learning during interviews.


Career Advice

Upon programme completion, you will participate in a variety of workshops covering:

  • how to write an effective résumé and a cover letter,
  • how to enhance and make the most out of your LinkedIn profile,
  • networ­king,
  • group dynamics,
  • job interview preparation techniques; and
  • a mock interview.

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