Congratulations to Quality Fly new graduates!

Quality Fly - III Wings Award Ceremony

We are overwhelmingly pleased to share with you some pictures of the last  Integrated ATPL graduation ceremony of six of our cadets at Quality Fly Aviation Academy.

These are the most special days of the year:

  • Most importantly, we celebrated our new graduates’ day after successfully achieving the goal that they have been pursuing so hard over the past months. Congratulations!
  • Also of major importance, we celebrated the achievement of our Academy’s main goal -for which we have worked and driven all our efforts throughout the year.
  • This has been an inspiration day for all the other students who are currently studying, as there is nothing like the motivation resulting from seeing the graduation of one’s peers. The goal is just ahead of you!!

Congratulations to María, Nisa, Alfonso, Stepan, David and Marcos!!

Wings Award Ceremony

From right to left: James Ward, Juan Cervero, five of our new Integrated ATP graduates David, Stepan, María, Marcos and Alfonso; Luis Cortezón and Juan Martínez. Best wishes also for our beloved graduate Noor, who could not attend the ceremony.

All of you have made it successfully and with an excellent progress, overcoming each and everyone of your your personal challenges and difficulties: working hard while studying, coming from the other side of the world, changing career completely… Your effort and dedication have always been very much appreciated by your colleagues and instructors. Without any doubt:

A bright future is waiting for you!

And, once more, here is the take away for all of us:

Dreams are there to be pursued and achieved!!

Wings Award Ceremony