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Integrated vs modular pilot training in 2021 – All that changed with the new regulation

Integrated vs modular pilot training

One of the key questions when deciding to start your pilot training is the choice and differences between the ATPL Integrated vs modular pilot training paths: which one is best, more affordable, or faster, and how to choose the best flight school accordingly. There is not a unique one-size-fits-all answer, and the best option might […]

What is Area 100 KSA and why is it important?

Area 100 KSA: Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes

Area 100 KSA (Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes) is a new training approach in the ATPL theoretical training, that aims to teach pilots vital competencies that were not previously addressed by traditional subjects. KSA does not have an associated official exam but is instead assessed at the ATO level. The name “Area 100” comes from the […]

Presenting an innovative integrated course that includes Full Flight Simulator training as part of the APS MCC, due to a new collaboration between Quality Fly and Global Training Aviation.


Students of the integrated QF course will complete their training with an MCC + APS course in the latest generation GTA FFS level D simulators, in which airline pilots train and achieve certification. This enhancement is the culminating element of an ATPL integrated course with all the latest improvements such as UPRT, TEM, KSA, and […]

New Online ATPL Integrated Programme featuring live video conferencing

Quality Fly's International atmosphere, with over 35 nationalities

Quality Fly launches a new Online ATPL Integrated Programme option featuring live video conferencing for theoretical knowledge syllabus. Quality Fly is proud of driving innovation forward and being one of the very first aviation academies in Europe that have been approved to deliver its ATPL theoretical knowledge syllabus using live video-conferencing technology within an Online […]

Quality Fly’s international atmosphere

Quality Fly's International atmosphere, with over 35 nationalities

So many countries… one dream!! We added the nationalities of students in class and we can only be proud of the global community we have created here around our Integrated ATPL Programme. Of course, there are many other nationalities of colleagues who were not in class, with over 35 nationalities in total attending Quality Fly. […]