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Quality Fly to Sponsor the 55th National Gliding Championship

Quality Fly announces its sponsorship and collaboration with Fuentemilanos Aeroclub for 55th edition of the Spanish National Gliding Championships at Fuentemilanos Aerodrome, Segovia.   The Most Prominent National Glider Competition The Aeroclub of Fuentemilanos has proudly announced the 55th edition of the National Gliding Championship. The event takes place between 28th June and 6th July […]

A Carbon Neutral Flight School for Second Year Running

Quality Fly becomes carbon neutral

Madrid-based flight school Quality Fly has announced that in 2023, for the second consecutive year, the school has achieved carbon neutrality. This follows on from their proud standing as the first European Flight School to attain carbon neutrality in 2022, proving that they have not just embraced sustainability, but have integrated it into every aspect […]

Quality Fly Further Bolsters Fleet to Meet 30% Expected Growth in 2024

tecnam p2008

Quality Fly has announced the pending arrival of 4 more brand-new Tecnam P2008 aircraft in order to meet an expected 30% growth in 2024, following the addition of a second Tecnam P2006 MEP and two P2008 SEP aircraft in 2023. The success of Quality Fly’s EASA ATPL Integrated course, featuring all the latest innovations in […]

New Student Accommodation: AMRO Getafe

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new student accommodation for our integrated and modular students here at Quality Fly. We have recently established a partnership with AMRO Estudiantes, a leading provider of modern student accommodations in Getafe.   Why Choose AMRO Estudiantes? AMRO Estudiantes offers a wide range of modern apartments, designed to provide […]

Quality Fly’s Fleet Grows 37% in 2023

Quality Fly’s fleet grows 37% in 2023 with the addition of a second Tecnam P2006 MEP, following the two P2008 SEP aircraft already added earlier in the year.   Quality fly already boasts the most complete and innovative EASA ATPL Integrated course featuring all the latest innovations, and their 2023 growth has seen them rapidly […]

Quality Fly at EATS2023

“Gliding is a Key Enabler in Improving Quality, Cost, and Sustainability of Pilot Training” We are delighted to announce that our Head of Training, Sergio Gómez Brito, will be speaking at the ATO Conference at eats2023 in Cascais, Portugal on Thursday 9th November 2023 Sergio will be speaking in Session 5 – Sustainability, about the use of sailplane […]

What is the right Pilot Licence for you?

pilot licence

In Europe, you can obtain a variety of pilot licences, ranging from basic recreational licences to professional licences for commercial and airline pilots. The main difference between these 2 pilot licence categories is price and purpose: The recreational pilot licence allow you to fly an aircraft for leisure purposes, while the commercial will allow you […]

Why gliding makes you a better airline pilot?

Mankind has long desired the ability to fly like hawks and eagles. Soaring flight is made feasible by modern sailplanes, enabling people to glide higher, faster, and further relying solely on an invisible force of nature to maintain altitude. A glider is a fixed-wing aircraft whose free flight is supported by the air’s dynamic reaction […]

Quality Fly becomes the first EU carbon-neutral flight school

Quality Fly becomes carbon neutral

Quality Fly reinforces its innovation edge by becoming the first European Union flight schools to achieve carbon neutrality. This results from a full fleet modernisation that has cut our emissions by 50%, being supplied by fully renewable electricity and offseting our emissions through investments in clean energy projects, namely solar, wind and hydropower, under the […]

Quality Fly unveils the most innovative and complete ATPL course in European aviation training

Quality Fly Full Flight Simulator

The 2022 integrated ATPL program includes elements such as APS MCC with 40 hours in an A320 Full Flight Simulator, Gliding Training and Unlimited Access to a Controlled Training simulator, among others; In total, 220 flight hours, 25 hours above the requirement. The bookings for April are complete, which confirms the current high demand for […]