A Carbon Neutral Flight School for Second Year Running

Quality Fly becomes carbon neutral

Madrid-based flight school Quality Fly has announced that in 2023, for the second consecutive year, the school has achieved carbon neutrality.

This follows on from their proud standing as the first European Flight School to attain carbon neutrality in 2022, proving that they have not just embraced sustainability, but have integrated it into every aspect of their operations.

This reaffirms their commitment to environmental stewardship and reinforces their position as leaders in sustainable aviation.

Through persistent dedication and proactive measures, Quality Fly continues to pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future in aviation.


A Green Flight Path: Reducing Emissions by 50%

Quality Fly’s journey towards carbon neutrality has been propelled by a series of transformative initiatives, such as the complete digitalization of their activity. This has solidified their position at the forefront of sustainable aviation in Europe while working on enhancing the quality of their aviation education.

A comprehensive fleet modernization had led to a remarkable 50% reduction in emissions. By investing in state-of-the-art aircraft models, Quality Fly has significantly curbed fuel consumption and emissions, setting a new benchmark for efficiency in flight training.


Advancing Change Through Renewable Energy

Quality Fly’s commitment extends beyond their immediate operations. Offsetting their remaining carbon emissions has played a crucial role in their sustainability journey.

Quality Fly has partnered with projects in developing regions of India and China, supporting solar, wind, and hydroelectricity projects.

These initiatives not only offset their carbon footprint but also contribute to the socio-economic development of these regions, fostering a sustainable future beyond Quality Fly’s immediate sphere.

These projects are authorized under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and demonstrate Quality Fly’s commitment to not only carbon neutrality, but also to promoting positive change in regions where it is most needed.



A Vision for Tomorrow: Towards a 100% Electric Fleet

While Quality Fly celebrates their achievements, they also remain committed to future progress, with a vision extending to a 100% electric fleet as soon as this technology becomes fully operational.

This aspiration aligns with their ethos of constantly evolving to reduce their environmental footprint while providing top-tier aviation training.


Leading by Example in Sustainable Aviation

Quality Fly’s transformation to carbon neutrality isn’t just a milestone for them; it’s a stepping-stone for the industry.

As the first carbon-neutral flight school in Spain, Quality Fly is setting a precedent for responsible, high-quality aviation training, and we encourage every other flight school to follow our steps.


The Path Forward: Excellence, Innovation, and Responsibility

Quality Fly is continually assessing and enhancing training methodologies, exploring sustainable aviation fuels, and embracing emerging technologies like hybrid and electric aviation, Quality Fly will continue to drive forward a future of environmentally responsible aviation.

At Quality Fly, our dedication to excellence, innovation, and environmental responsibility is unwavering. We invite aspiring aviators to join us on this journey, where sustainability meets sky-high standards of aviation education.


About Quality Fly

Quality Fly is a flight academy based in Cuatro-Vientos airport, Madrid. The academy boasts a highly international profile with all classes taught in English and a student base of more than 35 different nationalities. At the very heart of their training offer is possibly Europe’s most innovative ATPL integrated program, which meets the latest and future EASA requirements and includes 40 hours in A320 full flight simulator level D, night flights in MEP, gliding training sessions or career advice. All to ensure the highest level of competency to fly as First Officer in the most demanding airlines around the world and prepare the students for real life circumstances. The commitment of Quality Fly to digital processes and effective systems allows the school to maintain its very competitive price for the 2024 ATPL course.