Congratulations Ryan Stock! ATPL completed in 12 months – 97% average degree – always a smile in your face!

Quality Fly Student

Dear Ryan,

I want to share my appreciation and admiration for your achievement over the last year.

Completing the Integrated ATPL Programme within 12 months from the date in which you started to the date you finished the last MCC hour is already a very remarkable achievement.

Attaining an average of 97% in the 14 theory subjects starts to be astonishing.
And reaching an excellent level in both technical flight skills and CRM makes it really impressive and extraordinary.

Quality Fly Student

You are an example of determination, effort, discipline and attitude for all of us.

There wasn’t a single day where I passed through the study room that you were not there. I know you have been studying at weekends systematically. That takes a great level of determination.

You’ve shown the way to many of us in how dreams come true when pursued with all our energy.

Finally, if what I’ve said previously was not enough, amazingly you have always had a nice smile on your face and friendly word with everyone, even going as far as bringing presents and a letter to the school team following your graduation. It really moved all of us.

I hope you enjoy this summer as much as you can and later keep working as humble as ever. Continue progressing and remember, in the future, give back to society when you can.

Unlike other entries in this blog, I wanted to sign this open letter personally.

Juan Cervero