Arrival of our third Cessna C172 aircraft

Cessna C172

We are happy to share that we have just received one additional aircraft, a Cessna C172R. This aircraft will be the third C172S/R of our standardized IFR fleet acrobatic configuration.

Aircraft features

This 4 seats-aircraft equipped with a Lycoming IO-360 engine 160 horse powered allow to perform take offs with no performance restriction, even during high temperature days and high elevation airports.

With an endurance of more than 5 hours enable to perform long IFR cross-country flights even with 3 crew members. Its wide comfortable cockpit high reliability make the best aircraft for night flights and upset position recovery training.

Following our Training policy based on a combination of glass and conventional cockpit, its analogue instrument based on GPS avionic configuration ensures a solid instrument flying skills.


Induction fleet

Once all the paperwork is completed, painted and all maintenance checks done, expected in less than 2 months, let us increase our IFR flight operations capacity in more than 30%.

Looking forward to see all our students enjoying it and learning at a very high rhythm.