Become An Airline Pilot

The Life of a Pilot


    Captain B777 China Eastern Airlines


    $17.500 per month (net)

    What is the hardest part of learning to fly?

    Nothing is hard if you are driven, dedicated and have the mindset that you can’t give up.

    Vacation Schedule

    I have 10 days off each month month and three weeks of vacation every six months. 


    Captain A320 Vueling


    €8.000 per month (net)

    What advice would you offer to an aspiring pilot?

    Choose a high quality flight school, improve your English language level, get as much flight experience as possible and don’t stop until you reach your dream of becoming a pilot!

    Vacation Schedule

    I have 13 days off each month + 30 days of vacation per year.

Airline Pilot Salary

Regarding Airline Pilot Salaries, according to, airline pilots are the 5th highest paid profession in the world behind CEO’s of large corporations. Their salaries range from 45.000 Eur/year as First officer of regional carrier to 310.000 Eur/year as Captain of a Major airline.


EASA or FAA License

There are many different ATP licenses around the world but EASA (EU) and FAA (US) are the most widely recognized globally.

In recent years, the EASA license has gained popularity and recognition amongst large airlines.


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