With administrative and head offices in London (United Kingdom), and flight operations and training facilities in Madrid (Spain), QUALITY FLY is strategically located in Europe’s most ideal flight training environment.


Experiencing Madrid

If you’re looking for an exciting place to  learn to fly then Madrid is certainly perfect for you!  There is more to do and see in Madrid that you will ever achieve even in an entire lifetime! As the third largest city in Europe, it is a popular tourist and expat destination. It is walk-able, it is international, it is modern, and it also holds onto traditional Spanish values. There are so innumerous positives about living in Madrid that it has become a destination to an increasingly large number of foreign students. Almost a tenth of the city´s population is made up of international citizens who are lured by the affordable cost of living, the lifestyle and the cultural and social attractions. For one thing the cost of living in the city is far lower than the cost of living in other European capitals such as Paris or London.  The cost of dining out, public transport and entertainment is very affordable and makes studying in Madrid a lot of fun!

Plaza de Cibeles
Plaza de Cibeles

Since Madrid is both the capital of Spain and its largest city, the head of government as well as the Spanish royal family are based here. It is a major financial center in southern Europe, a hub for trade and industry, as well as Spain’s center of fashion, music, arts, culture and sports.

The city is home to everything from the world’s largest football club, Real Madrid, to some of the most renowned museums and art galleries, theatres, cinemas, leisure centres, exhibition halls, sport centres, parks and malls.  You will never run out of things to do in Madrid no matter what age you are and what takes your fancy on the leisure side of life! Public concerts, historic libraries, art and photography expositions, international fairs – Madrid has it all when it comes to cultural offerings.

The extensive countryside surrounding Madrid offers wonderful opportunities for outdoor pursuits. Horse riding, skiing, sailing, diving, windsurfing and mountain walking are just a few of the numerous activities available in the province.



The best way to get around Madrid is using public transportation, even for your daily commute. It is very inexpensive and very well organised. The Madrid Metro is one of the best public transit systems in the world, with a subway line running in almost all directions, making it the eighth longest underground network in the world.


300+ Days of Sunshine 

Boasting one of the largest number of sunshine duration hours in Europe, Madrid is characteristically hot and dry. Sunshine duration varies from about 2,500 to about 3,000 hours per year, 70% more than the northern half of Europe, where sunshine duration is around 1500 hours per year. Winters here have about three times more sun duration than any city in the northern half of Europe. Madrid does have cold winters and hot summers, but the sun is always shining and that means that people are always out and about and at QUALITY FLY we are always flying!



Spaniards have dinner at 10:00 p.m., go to the bars around midnight and wouldn’t be caught dead in a discoteca (nightclub) before 2:00 in the morning! People say that New York and Miami have it going on, but you’ll never see a better fiesta than those in Spain, and Madrid is where it´s all happening when it comes to nightclubs, live music, cocktail lounges, pubs and taverns, and beyond…The nightlife is unique and alive and, if you are not studying for your next exam or doing your night rating, it is hard not to have a good time.


Central Location Means easy access

Located almost right in the middle of Spain, its central location makes it easy to come and go as you please. You’ll be able to get the cheapest flights to just about anywhere in Europe during your stay. As the capital of Spain and the third largest capital in all of Europe, Madrid offers some of the best transportation options on the continent for traveling near and far. So although you may be living in Madrid, the rest of the world is only a few hours away.